>A Case for Real Food


The economic climate we are now faced with forces us to look at all our expenses to find the best value for our dollar. This includes our pets, which, with food, supplies, veterinary care, training, and the “extras” can be a sizable chunk of our household budget.
While we can cut back on some of the goodies like a new leash or collar, the health and welfare issues need to be met. Food and healthcare are at the top of the list for keeping our pets thriving. It is of utmost importance, since we have fewer discretionary dollars to get the most for our money.
Let’s take a look at how we can do the very best for our furry kids.
Good health starts with proper diet. If we want to maintain our pets’ health, we must provide for the best diet we can afford. We all are familiar with many of the national brands of pet foods, some economy and many premiums. As our budget gets tighter, there is the urge to cut back from the premium, natural foods to the less costly economy brands. Is this the best way to save money and is it really the best alternative?
Commercial pet foods are the fast & convenience foods for our pets. They do not always use the most nutritious ingredients and are not the best value for our dollar.
Let’s look at an actual inquiry we recently had for one of our clients. She owns four large Doberman Pinchers that weigh about sixty pounds each. She is feeding a premium grain-free natural diet. A thirty pound bag costs her around fifty dollars. Like most pet owners, she also has to add supplements because of various allergy and health issues. There is also the vet bills for the reoccurring diarrhea issues. The feeding label on this food states that her size dogs should eat four cups a day. This chart is the bare minimum for an inactive, healthy animal. That weighs out at about two pounds per day per dog. At $1.70 per pound, the cost of feeding this premium food is about $3.40 per dog per day.
As you know, we are true proponents of feeding real, health food to our pets for a number of reasons, including value. As you will see, even in this challenging market, real food is a real value. This owners’ pets, if fed a real, fresh food diet would need about a pound and a quarter of meat pet day to get a higher quality, unprocessed, natural meal. At an average cost of $3.00 a pound for most meats, the cost of feeding fresh would be about twenty cents more per day per dog. In addition, since real food has the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes naturally, no additional supplements would be needed.
There are also those pesky vet bills that were popping up. As dogs, and cats, are better able to digest real, unprocessed meats, the chronic diarrhea will usually disappear along with the expense. That, in my book, is a huge savings and a beneficial step for both me and my pets.

Healthier pets and saving money…


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